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Your Body is Perfect!

Are you struggling to find clothing items that fit you properly? Have you done a lot of research trying to figure out what body type you are? So have I, and let me tell you I am possibly two different body types. I am either a spoon shape or an hourglass shape, either way mama has some hips and a bust.

If you are bit bustier, wearing flowy tops can tent out and make you look bigger than you are. Here are a couple of tips when it comes to flowy tops: 1. Make sure they are tighter around the bust then flow out towards the bottom 2. Don’t be afraid to pair a shorter flowy top with high waisted denim, it’ll accentuate your curves. You can even try tops that are all around tighter! If you like flowy tops but think they make you look boxy, try tucking them in on one side or in the front to show off your figure. I know this past year off the shoulder tops have been the rage, however for us they can make it look as though we have a shelf. Shoulder cutouts are our best friend! If you don’t really have a bust, try flowy tops or not so fitted tops! They show off your figure without showing too much. Off the shoulder tops also look great on you!

Having hips can be one of the hardest things to dress. Don’t hide them away, show them off! Wear bottoms that are more fitted, not baggy. Wear tops that hit at your waist or tuck them in. Any pant can look great, you just need to style the top properly to show off your silhouette. If you don’t have any hips, lower rise denim that is figure hugging looks best on you. Anything that creates shape is great for you, just make sure your top and bottoms are proportionally balanced.

Every body type is perfect. You and your body are beautiful. Finding the right clothes to fit how you want can be hard, everyone struggles with it, you are not the only one. We all want that Pinterest perfect outfit. When we do find that outfit it might not look how you want, that is because everyone’s body is different. You can still look great, you just have to alter how you wear it. If you are ever in need of help or are just wanting a second opinion, the Bottega Stylists are always ready to help!