Why Bottega?

Where it All Started

It’s a simple answer that goes beyond a simple explanation.  Why you may ask?  There are countless reasons as to why I chose to work at Bottega, and why I continue to work there now.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and give you a little background on my story with Bottega Clothing.

I am a 5’6 California girl who has been obsessed with clothing since the eighth grade. If you knew me then I had no sense of style. I could barely put together an outfit properly or even really knew what I was doing at that age but hey, I think I turned out alright. I love the fact that clothing can represent who you are and can tell a story. Your sense of style gives people a snippet of who you are. When I moved to Montana for school, I was intrigued with trying to standout. I wanted to make sure that my clothing represented who I was, and I loved having pieces that no one had.

Home Away from Home

As I began to call Montana home, I made some lifelong friends on my soccer team at MSUB. Two of them ended up being my roommates. Some of you may have known Jenny, she was the first one of my friends who introduced me to the “Bottega Girls.” She became a stylist there our junior year of college. This is when Bottega was still located downtown and my other roommate and I would visit her often. Every time we would visit we always felt welcome. The employees working there loved to get to know us, style us, and take the time to make us feel like the clothes we were rocking were made for us. It was very clear that they genuinely wanted me to feel great in what I was wearing.

Now, being a college student I couldn’t be blowing my funds on clothes— especially at a high end boutique. I loved shopping Bottega’s sales but knew there were only certain times that I could afford to buy a high priced item. But, I knew that the price reflected the quality of the product and there wasn’t much to complain about. They take pride in all of their brands, products, and pieces and stand behind each one. Botttega stylists are knowledgeable, influential, and genuine to each client or new customer. It really was the “Bottega Experience” every time I went in there.

Getting the Job

A year into Jenny working at Bottega, Demi was offered a job as well. When Demi started I found myself making more frequent trips to Bottega. I also found myself hoarding Bottega Bags in my room. Then it hit me: I was getting ready to graduate college with a marketing degree, I planned on staying in Billings, I have a passion for fashion, and both of my roommates constantly rave about how they love everything about Bottega. With that said, I decided to apply. Going into this I had no idea what the job would entail. All I knew was how much my roommates loved working there and that I loved their products.

As I went through the interview process, I began to further understand why they loved working at Bottega. A little while after I was offered the job and began my training as a marketing director and stylist. There were only a few employees at Bottega (two of which I already knew); making it feel like family. Some of you might wonder how we don’t get sick of each other when working a ten hour day with the same girls… but I can assure you, we don’t. Not only do you learn how to style women but you learn how to instill confidence in women with the clothes they wear.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful, and what better way to express that than through your personal style. We want women to buy quality pieces that they can interchange day in and day out. Pieces that will stay current and last you for many years. I mean, do you want to buy a pair of $180 jeans and have them tear on you the next day? No. You don’t. I have a pair of jeans from Bottega that I wear over and over again. They are still in great condition and it’s been two years.

Creating the Experience 

When women step into Bottega, we are there to give you the experience. Employees are trained to style you and genuinely make you feel good about yourself. If a client tries something on and it doesn’t fit right, look good, or just isn’t your style, there is no pressure to leave with that piece. We strive to build lasting friendships and trust with each client we have.

Bottega Clothing is not your normal retail store. We are different. We have different visions, standards, passions, and techniques that make every stylist at Bottega unique. As a stylist, you learn something new every day. Whether it’s how to re-style your favorite piece, which pair of jeans is best for a specific body type, tying a scarf 15 different ways, or being a team player— it’s a creative evolution. But most importantly, you learn a lot about yourself. We walk into Bottega everyday with the attitude that we are going to change the way women look at themselves in the mirror. Seeing women evolve, and feel empowered and confident in themselves is something special.

xo, Jessie