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Spring Cleaning – Organizing Your Wardrobe

Spring cleaning is approaching quickly, and with it the dreaded task of cleaning out and organizing your closet. There is always so much confusion and stress that comes with having to decide which pieces to keep and which to part with. But the truth is that cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to be such a gruesome task.

With these few helpful tips and tricks you’ll be starting the season off the right way! You will have a clean and cohesive closet to help you conquer the world (or at least your wardrobe).

The first step in taking control of your closet is to sort through your clothing and separate them into three groups. The three groups are keep, donate/sell, and garbage.

The first group is going to be the items that you absolutely love, are in good condition, AND that you actually wear. If you love the piece but have never worn it and are not sure when you will, you may want to pass this piece on to the next pile. This group will be the sell or donate pile. This is great for the pieces that you loved when you bought them but turned out to not be as crucial in your wardrobe as you originally thought. The last pile you will want to have is the garbage pile. These are the items that you loved so much that you literally “loved them to pieces” and that are ready to retire for good.

If you still aren’t sure which pieces you need to toss, sell, or donate, here is a quick list of questions you can ask yourself:

Do I wear this piece? If so, have I worn it in the past six months?

Does this piece fit properly?

Are there damages to the piece? If so, can these damages be fixed?

Most importantly, does this piece make me feel my best?

If your answer was ‘no’ to any of these questions, it is time to move on and make room for new pieces that you do love and that do give you the confidence you deserve every day!

Once you have sorted through all your clothing it is time to put that ‘keep’ pile back into your closet in an organized fashion. (This is a wonderful time to grab a mimosa and turn on your favorite ‘get work done’ music to help you push through to the end). There are so many ways arrange your closet, but we suggest organizing by style and color.

First, put like pieces together. That is put tank tops with tank tops, t-shirts with t-shirts, jeans with jeans, so on and so forth. Then, within each of these small groupings you can arrange the items by color. You can start with cream and pink and then move into the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and then end with the greys, blacks, and browns. Putting your closet together this way helps make finding a certain piece easy and helps makes mornings a breeze.

With a clean closet you can head into spring with a smile knowing there is one less reason for you to stay inside and more reason for you to enjoy the exciting springtime activities!

Happy cleaning!