Pieces Everyone Needs in Their Wardrobe!

Fashion trends come and go whether they are classic pieces or statement pieces. There are certain staple items that every woman should own in her wardrobe. I am going to go over the pieces some of those particular items. Not only are these the essentials, but they will make getting ready in the morning much easier.

Jeans are vital in every wardrobe. It is important to have a favorite pair of blue jeans and a pair of solid black.  Black denim comes in handy more often than not because they are dressy enough

 to wear to work or casual depending how you style them.  Our premium denim will never give or bag out on you. They are super comfy when you move but will retain their shape over the years. Come see us on your next denim hunt and we can help you find that perfect pair you can not live without!

A staple in every woman’s wardrobe is a classic black dress. I could say any dress, but a black dress is too universal to not have. You can wear it to dress up for an event or just to be casual with tennis shoes. A black dress tends to be right for almost every occasion. 

Jackets of all shapes and sizes are always going to be a must no matter where you live. Whether you wear them during the day or at night, a jacket can keep youwarm or be that head turning statement piece. My favorite jacket that I love to add to each outfit is a Doma leather jacket. A leather jacket is perfect for every outfit and gets more comfortable with every wear. A real leather jacket will last you a lifetime and can even be passed down for generations. It is a fundamental piece that can add that extra flare to your everyday outfit.

Black and white tees are a duo that must be somewhere in your closet. You can truly never have too many of these tees. You could have five of the same color yet they all fit completely different. A basic tee never goes out of style and is a perfect way to be comfortable. You can dress them up or keep them casual. No shame in loading up on those basic tees!

The last essential every girl needs is an accessory! Don’t forget your favorite go-to simple necklace. Whatever it may be whether it is a chain, a bar necklace, or a pendant necklace it will be that finishing touch to every outfit. Keep it simple and make it easy.

As crazy as it sounds, these staple pieces will create a completed look with very little effort on your end. For some, it is a struggle to pick out that perfect outfit in the morning. Grab your choice of caffeine, put together your comfortable yet stylish look, and get ready to conquer the day!