Outfits for a Weekend Getaway

Summertime is the best time to get away from everyday life, even if it’s just for a couple of days. The weather is beautiful and the nights are cool. If you are anything like me, the weekends are always something I look forward too. A lot goes into planning a vacation. Where to go, for how long and what to pack?! In this blog we are here to help make packing and planning outfits just a tad easier for you. For example, let’s say we are traveling to Chico for a weekend. After making all of the plans down to the very last detail, it is time to pack your suitcase. For me, this is the worst part. I am always over packing and it can become a stressful part of the vacation planning. So together, let’s find the perfect outfits for your weekend getaway to Chico Hot Springs.

On the drive there you want to make sure you are comfortable and snack ready. These ribbed pablo pants are crazy soft and perfect for any time you want to be cozy and cute. I paired it with a plain white tee and our green Doma, which is a perfect leather jacket for any outfit. Don’t forget to pack your Nomad scarf, a traveling essential. You can use it as a blanket and a pillow at the same time. This outfit will help you arrive in style, while keeping you comfortable on the drive.

Next comes the fun! Depending on the activities you want to take part in, like going on a hike, fishing, spa day, or going horseback riding your outfit can vary. I decided to go with a simple pocketed t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts. This way depending on the weather you can do all of the above activities comfortably but are still picture ready. If you decide to go horseback riding, make sure you throw on a pair of jeans to protect your legs.

Maybe instead of doing those fun activities you just want to chill by the hot springs. This kimono has great colors to match any swimsuit, and the cutest pom-pom accents around the edges. It is a great cover up when sitting next to the pool or to put over an outfit if there is a cool breeze.

Chico has so many different dinner options for whatever you are craving. They have the grill, the bar, and the fancy restaurant. Depending on what sounds good to you, you will want to be covered for each occasion. I picked a very nice and sleek dark denim and a tighter tank with a fun keyhole as a more casual option. Then I picked our black floral off the shoulder dress that is perfect for a romantic dinner. You can also wear this dress into the bar for some live music and dancing.

For the ride home it is time to be extra comfortable. Leggings and a loose top is ideal. Our black high waisted Noel Asmar leggings work perfectly with this comfy and over sized Michael Lauren top. If you’re anything like me, the food is the best part of any vacation. By the last day of my trip I will still have a major food baby, that has to be catered too with comfy clothes.

The best part about all of these outfits is that you are able to mix and match between the jeans, tops, and cover ups. No matter what trip you are going on for the weekend this is a good start for packing. You always want a pair of jeans and shorts depending on the weather, one nice top, one cozy basic T-shirt, dress, and a cover-up. Then you have all of your basics covered without over packing! You will be ready for any activity thrown your way.