Interview Attire

Do you feel like getting dressed on a day to day basis is hard for you?

The question is, when it comes to interviews what are you supposed to wear? You don’t want to be under-dressed, but you also don’t want to overdress. Let’s just say you don’t need to take any dress pointers from Step Brothers and wear an old school tuxedo. I am talking about sticking to the basics of business attire.

First things first, you need a blouse. Whatever you choose, make sure your shoulders are covered and your neck line is not low cut.  You want to be seen as classy and smart, not promiscuous. Your top should be fun and show who you are, by using pattern or fabric drapings. This is your chance to show off that you can be creative and fun while being professional.

When it comes to the bottoms choose something you can be comfortable in. You can wear a skirt that is at an appropriate length, black non-distressed denim, or dress pants. Whichever you choose make sure you are comfortable. You don’t want all of your attention to be focused on how your pants aren’t fitting correctly or how they are too tight. You want all of your attention on the interviewer and the questions he or she is asking.

Don’t be afraid to add accessories, go bold or be minimal. If you pick a patterned blouse go simple with your jewelry. Let the shirt be the statement, and let the rest of your outfit be complimentary. If your top is a solid color add a bold necklace to use as the statement piece. Keep the necklace classic you don’t want your interviewer focused on your distracting accessories.

You might have been reading this and wondering why I haven’t mentioned a blazer yet. Well you should never have to ask, a blazer is always a great additional piece to any professional outfit. If you decide on wearing a blazer, you can wear a nice tank underneath as long as you plan to keep the blazer on and you stick to the neckline rules.

Now that your outfit is picked out and you are ready to arrive in style, I want to wish you GOOD LUCK!