Get Ready with Katie

We thought it would be fun to step into Katie’s world for the day and see how the fashion icon got ready for her busy day. We asked her a series of questions and took some fun pictures of her closet.

IMG_2087What is your daily routine: 

I start with my makeup, then my hair, then I’ll get dressed. Believe it or not, it only takes me 20 minutes to do my makeup and hair!

What do you get dressed around? i.e. shoes, shirt, jeans, jacket 

I usually dress around my jeans, the rest of my outfit will ultimately depend on what pants I want to wear. I like to dress practical, if I know I have to run around all day, I’m going to wear clothes that make it easy. Wednesday’s I have Biz-to-Biz meetings, so I know I’m going to more dressed up.IMG_2090

It also depends on my mood. If I wake up and I’m more tired than usual, I love to get even more dressed up so it changes my whole attitude and mood that morning. I know it sounds silly, but clothes really do give you confidence and can be a mood changer!

Katie’s philosophy: spending a couple extra minutes putting together an outfit you love, just makes you feel better throughout the day. Doesn’t even have to be “fancy”- just something you feel confident in.

IMG_2089What is your statement piece?

I make my shoes the statement piece.

Where do your ideas come from?

Sometimes I will look for a hair style or a fun idea for outfits on Pinterest. Or my girlfriends will send me ideas too. The way you dress is definitely a fun way to express who you are without actually speaking. And it’s always fun to challenge ourselves to go out of our everyday style and do something different, that’s when you get the most compliments! I also follow a few fashion bloggers on social media.

Do you feel like you have to be so fashion forward

“I’m a mannequin, all the time” but I love it. That’s why I’m here, to always give advice and input on making sure you’re wearing what fits you best, and makes you feel confident.

IMG_2086You own a clothing store, how many tops or jeans get pushed to the back when you bring home something new? 

I do think you need to frequently go through your wardrobe and get rid of things that don’t fit correctly, or not altered the right way. Then slowly go out and replace those pieces with something that will be more flattering.

But it is also important to challenge yourself to re-style pieces that you once loved but haven’t worn in a while.

IMG_2091What is your favorite season to style for?

Fall is my favorite season! The time to pull out your jackets and blazers, to layer over you skinny jeans and throwing on booties!

You’re having a garage sale, and you can only keep 5 things in your closet, what are they?


Zoa blouse

Favorite denim


Favorite ankle bootie