Feet First Into Spring

Spring Vibes

Spring is on its way and I couldn’t be happier. This means I can finally show a little bit of skin and get some vitamin D. With a new season comes new trends, colors, and ways to express yourself. Check out some of my top picks for spring!

Add a “Bomb” Layer

That double take “pale pink” will enhance any piece you pair it with. This is a color that can really look gorgeous on any skin tone. Tan, fair, or a darker complexion it exudes the statement, “I’m spring ready!” While this season tends to bring more sunshine sometimes it can still deliver a crisp chill into the air. Throw on that olive bomber jacket to mix up your everyday color combinations.

Suns Out, Light Denim Out

I’m a sucker for a great pair of light washed denim with a little bit of distress. Henry and Belle graced us with a perfect pair right in time for the season. Of course a good pair of jeans will make everyday tasks easier but they will enhance your outfit by not overshadowing the other colors. Another plus? Wear these
jeans a few times before having to wash them and they still hold their shape…score!

Conquer the World One Step at a Time

A wise woman once said “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” She was totally right! These grey suede open toed shoes can’t wait to be a part of your spring OOTDs. Not only that but they are a great transition shoe to incorporate in the summer time as well. I mean, if they also happen to match your life planner you must be doing something right.

Timeless Touches

As the finishing touch should always be, a good wallet and a pair of Proof Eyewear shades to protect your eyes and your cash. A good leather wallet is timeless and can be guaranteed to go with everything. Vince Camuto nailed it with this cognac zip-up wallet. The shades are vital because as mentioned before, the suns finally out and you can’t be exposing your eyes to harmful sun rays. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll look extremely stylish in them.

All Together Now

Now, you are probably wondering what this might look like all together. Feast your eyes on your go-to spring pieces. You have a completed outfit that will surely fit in with other items that already exist in your wardrobe. Now you just have a “spring edition!”

Happy spring!

Your Bottega Stylist,