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Inside the 3rd Annual Bottega Brunch

Thank you to everyone who made The 3rd Annual Bottega Brunch a success! Take a peak at some of the highlights from the brunch. Thank you Justin Hutchinson for this awesome footage! Lights, camera, cure! #BottegaBrunch #jhvideo #RealyForLifeYC

Fashionable Packing Tips

It’s finally here...the weather is getting hotter, the nights longer, and the vacation destination choices are endless. Whether you are going to California for a family vacation or the Bahamas for a cruise, you will most likely be spending some time trying to pack your fabulous outfits. Who else has trouble packing and deciding what to wear? Well, I know that I do. I am originally from California and when I go back to visit I can never seem to get this “packing” concept down, more

Travel in Style

If packing for a trip is your worst nightmare, don’t worry. I am here to give you a few tips that I have learned along the way. Whether traveling for a living, a quick work trip or just for leisure, doing it in style doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Looking good while traveling can be a challenge. But not if you know what you’re doing… I think it’s really easy to balance comfort, functionality, and style if you know how to choose your travel clothing more

Day Off Attire

Fashion victims anonymous, Welcome to our safe circle. Days off can be few to none. Excitement sweeps over when the calendar is clear but this is the day the “To Do List” comes out. The cashier at the grocery store gets their weekly hello, the mountain of laundry disappears, the sound from the transmission in the car gets checked, and the bathroom once again sparkles.   If this does not sound like a normal day off for you, please tell me your secret! Just like when I go to more

Fabulous Spring Trends

Amanda here! I wanted to share some tips and trends that we have here at Bottega for Spring! As Bottega stylists, we always want to stay up on trends and specifically educate our customers on how to create a desired look. I want to share three of my top favorite trends that you can get right here.   Check out this Chino pant by SIWY. You can transition these wonderful pants from dressy to casual. With this pant you want to do a little "messy roll" as we more

Throwback! Bottega Goes to Market

"Magic" Market is here! Ever wonder what it is like when we go to Market? Here is an exclusive behind the scenes look! A little throwback from last year. Big thanks to Tracy Moore Photographers​ for this video!  

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day

Oh Valentine’s Day. Every woman wants to feel an extra bit of beautiful and loved on this day, even if we don’t always admit it.  What you wear on this special day can portray how you feel on the inside for any type of event you have planned. This leads to the question, what should I wear? It is the perfect day to dress up no matter what your plans might be. Whether you are going out with your significant other to a fancy restaurant, a more

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Bottega Girls

  It is not every day you are able to get up, go to work, and be with your closet friends for ten hours. The exceptional experience is one of a kind that you do not typically find in most stores. We want each woman to walk out of Bottega feeling confident not just with the product, but with how she feels internally. We truly believe that when you feel good inside, the last step is how you express yourself with fashion and style on the more

Bags Bliss

As winter weather slowly tumbles in, your wardrobe can be between to a few coats and scarves that shield the better part of your body that you would normally use to show off your keen fashion sense. But do not fret! I have a solution to keep your style shining when you feel like hiding from the wind and as the rain turns to snow. Bags! Satchels! Purses! Totes! Whatever the type, they can scream a lot about the person wearing them. Since working at Bottega more


Good Morning Ladies! Science is one breakthrough closer to understanding the brain chemistry behind our intense love for clothing, and it turns out, our outfits may alter how we approach and interact with the world! I would like to discuss something that has been heavy on my heart for this season. Confidence. Confidence and fashion go hand in hand, and whether we like it or not, how you dress affects your attitude. So dressing with confidence is more than wearing the latest fashion trend, it’s about feeling more

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